Email validation with PHP
After I had posted you a validation script with JavaScript I will now give you the script for validating an email address with PHP. The JavaScript version [...]
Preserve your mail form for spam
Somehow it is really a tie, that some silly people tries to use other mail forms to send. In the best behaviour, this spam only reaches your own mail [...]
Include your family tree in your webpage, new Version
I created a new version of my php script to show your family tree on your webpage. Like the version before, I offer this script for free, because genealogy [...]
Introduction how to use my genealogical scripts
On a special plea I wrote an introduction how to use my genealogical scripts. The wish was to write it in german. this was done two days ago, but I [...]
Anleitung zur Verwendung meiner genealogischen Skripte
Auf ausdrücklichen Wunsch hin schreibe ich nun eine Anleitung zur Verwendung meiner genealogischen Skripte, zunächst einmal auf Deutsch. Zum späteren [...]
Upload images by PHP
Somehow it depends to the basics of PHP, but there are a lot of beginners who are searching for a possibility to create an upload of images for there [...]
Create a database from your GEDCOM file, PHP Version
In response to a special plea, I translated my PERL version for creating a database out of a GEDCOM file to a PHP version. This version is also free for use.
Create an Excel document with PHP
Some weeks ago I needed the possibility to create an excel sheet with PHP. I searched for it and found several possibilities which are more or less [...]
Create your website multilingual – Second way
Yesterday I posted you an easy way to make your website multilingual. There are several ways to do this. Today I wanted to post youa second way to create a [...]
Create your website multilingual
A lot of Websites all over the world have a lot of hits from foreign countries. In 99.9% of this cases the visitors are leaving after a few seconds because [...]