Repariere deine NVIDEA Notebook GPU / Grafikkarte
Wie ich im Internet im Zuge meiner tagelangen Recherche feststellen musste, haben sehr viele das gleiche Problem wie ich es nun hatte. Nach wenigen Jahren [...]
Information from several rows in spite of „GROUP BY“
Following scenario: I have a database table, where information about an user is stored in several rows. This information I want to show in one single line [...]
Wie mache ich meine Webseiten schöner?
Jeder, der schon einemal eine Webseite erstellt hat, kennt folgendes Problem: Du entwickelts dein Webprojekt lokal auf deiner Maschine. Alles sieht gut [...]
How to make your Website texts nicer
Everybody knows that problem: You develop your Website on your local system. Everything looks nice and good. Then you upload your code on your Webserver, [...]
Why is my WordPress blog so slow?
Since my last update of my WordPress blog it was horrible slow. My mobile phone was not able to load the blog anymore, my computer needs something arround [...]
Anleitung zur Verwendung meiner genealogischen Skripte
Auf ausdrücklichen Wunsch hin schreibe ich nun eine Anleitung zur Verwendung meiner genealogischen Skripte, zunächst einmal auf Deutsch. Zum späteren [...]
Test Browser compatibility
If you are a developer of websites or -software, you know this problem: While developing of websites is really a tie to make them compatible for all [...]
Google Chrome: Problems with inaccurate „enctype“-data in HTML forms
Following Problem was happened to me: I had a HTML form to send text data to the webserver. Because it was only text data, I used the enctype [...]
Start of Luventas Web Designs Blog
In this days it is absolutely necessary to have a good blog on your site and I nearly waited to long for creating my own. So I started today with a new [...]