Monthly Archives: Mai 2011

Email address validation check
It is possible to check if an email address is valid directly while the user is typing it in the field. It is not to check, if this email address is [...]
Create your website multilingual – Second way
Yesterday I posted you an easy way to make your website multilingual. There are several ways to do this. Today I wanted to post youa second way to create a [...]
Create your website multilingual
A lot of Websites all over the world have a lot of hits from foreign countries. In 99.9% of this cases the visitors are leaving after a few seconds because [...]
Include your family tree in your webpage
Yesterday I’ve posted for all interested genealogists and webmaster, how they can create a database out of their gedcom file. But how you can display [...]
Google Chrome: Problems with inaccurate „enctype“-data in HTML forms
Following Problem was happened to me: I had a HTML form to send text data to the webserver. Because it was only text data, I used the enctype [...]
Create a database from your GEDCOM file
You are interested in creating your own webpage to publish your family tree to the world? Then you need to insert your data in a database. The problem: [...]
Create thumbnail from image with PHP
Everybody who has a webpage where it is possible to upload images (for example a member picture for member profile) knows this problem: Digital cameras in [...]
Create Random Password with PHP
If you create a webpage, where users can register themself, it is good to send them for the first login a radom created password. This helps you to check, [...]
PDF creation by PHP
I tried a lot to create PDF files by using PHP frameworks. For Java I’m using iText, but there is no interface to use iText by a PHP server. So I [...]
Start of Luventas Web Designs Blog
In this days it is absolutely necessary to have a good blog on your site and I nearly waited to long for creating my own. So I started today with a new [...]